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Sponsorship Opportunities

is run entirely on the generosity of companies and individuals such as yourselves. You can see a list of our sponsors and have your name added to the list.

We ask that you become one of our sponsorship partners. There are three recommended levels of giving listed below, the Gold, Silver and Bronze packages. Of course, you are welcome to give more, or less, or any amount in between!

We are a national charity and find YPs from all over the country so we will endeavour to link you to a YP from your area, should you sign up to one of our packages.

Finally, we offer advertising, banner links and PR via TV, Radio, Internet, Magazines and Presentations.

If you would like to donate, you can do so by using our Online Donation service or contacting one of the committee members using the information on our Contact Us pages.

Erin on Quad Skis Corporate Opportunities

We have no set packages or offers for corporate sponsorship. We are very grateful for any offers for sponsorship that suit your company.

What's in it for you? We can discuss your options with you and you can donate in complete anonimity or go for full sponsorship of a child, including PR opportunities and advertising such as website adverts or photos and articles for your own magazines and news letters. We do have press engagement at various stages of our trip and planning, we could include your details as part of this if suitable.

So please do give as much as you are comfortable with, and we'll discuss with you what we can do for you in return. It's a personal service and no two deals will be the same. If you have specific requests, let me know.

We also have a charity BBQ in the summer and run a number of other events through the year, you're welcome to get involved with those as you become a part of our sponsorship family.

It costs us approximately 1400 to pay for a child. The volunteers, because of charity rules, are not allowed to benefit from the charity and do, therefore, have to fund their flights themselves. The rest of the trip, for them, is covered because we provide care for the young people. We have a number of expenses, large and small and you may either give specifically for something or someone, or just contribute to the trip in general.