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How do you raise money?

We operate fully as a charity and the only way we get any funds is through the generosity of our supporters and friends. Our fundraising pages give you some ideas from a corporate sponsorship or personal fundraising point of view, with some ideas about how you can help us. A few examples include:
  • We get money from companies, the Lions or Rotaries who sponsor a Young Person
  • We receive donations from friends and families
  • We hold events and auctions
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How can I give you money?

Before I tell you how, I'd like to thank you for considering this. Without people like you, we couldn't operate. The first way is to send a cheque, made payable to to our address, given on the Contact Us pages. Alternatively, you can visit our Online donation site or create a personalised sponsorship page of your own.
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Is there anything else I can do to raise funds?

There are many ways you can help us. Our fundraising pages give you several ideas and suggestions, whether you wish to purchase some SSG branded stuff, run a marathon or simply donate something from your annual bonus! Whether you are able to donate 5 or raise 2000, we are extremely grateful.
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I can't view your web pages - don't think it's working properly.

This web site has been written and developed to the W3C guidelines and is tested on several different browsers. For best results, I recommend you use Mozilla FireFox (it's free) as this is the best Web Browser on the market, but it works fine on Internet Explorer 7 and 8 too. If you are using Internet Explorer 6, although it should work properly, there may be a couple of funny things that happen where Micrsoft does it's own thing and doesn't comply with industry standards. I recommend, if you wish to continue using Internet Explorer, that you upgrade to version 8. If you continue to have problems, can I ask that you send an email to the webmaster and let us know where the problems are. Thank you.
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I use the accessibility features on my computer and can't access your pages fully.

This is a new web site and is continuously developing and improving. These pages have been made with the Accessibility Working Group Guidelines in mind and should comply with the minimum standards. However, we know that there are other features we can add to enhance your viewing and we are working on these all the time. If there is something specific you use that you wish to have implemented, let us know and we'll work on it straight away. We believe in an open and accessible web for all and welcome your comments and thoughts on the matter as we develop the site.
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I have a suggestion or comment about your site.

Nothing in life is perfect and nothing works 100% every time, especially computers. As this is a new development, we accept that things may from time to time not work. We welcome your comments and suggestions, would be delighted to listen to you and chat to you about things further. To that end, if you have any comments, suggestions, positive or negative feedback, please use the Feedback page for us.
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Other Questions

How do I get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch with us is via an email. If you look at the contact us pages you will find our email addresses. If you wish to send anything to us, whether that is forms you've filled in, a cheque from fundraising or a postcard from your holiday, you will find our address also on the contact pages.
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Can I get any more information about your charity and events?

From time to time we will be sending out newletters in electronic format. These will contain information about events, fundraising ideas, names of people raising money for us, progress and updates and some news while we are on the trip itself. Subscribe and we will keep you posted!
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I can't volunteer to come on the trip, but can I still help?

We welcome help from everybody who wishes to help. You don't have to come with us every year to be one of our team. If you have any ideas or suggestions, or you wish to get involved, please send an email to the vice chairman who coordinates volunteers and fundraising and we will chat about how you can help us.
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