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Conditions of Use

This Web site is written and created to provide information to Young People, Volunteers, Sponsors, Families and Friends. We encourage you to use this site for reference, to register your details and find any information you need if you are interested in the Salveson Ski Group.

The site is maintained for your benefit. The information provided is as accurate as we can make it, and this site is monitored and maintained to the highest standard we can. However, from time to time errors and omissions may creep in, things may not always appear as they seem and web links may not take you to the places you expect to go.

If you see something funny, or something doesn't make sense, then please let us know and we will get the issues fixed as quickly as possible.

Any JavaScript programs are written and included to enhance your usability. The software is available as Open Source and, as such, can be freely copied and used elsewhere. Where I have taken the code from another user, the credit will remain in place and any amendments that are made to their software is under the terms and conditions of their licence, so no breach of copyright, copyleft, source distribution or or ownership occurs. Return to Top

Privacy and Data Protection

This Charity is registered under the Data Protection Act. We will hold personal details, registrations forms and medical details on all individuals registered to take part on the Ski Trips, whether Young People or Volunteers. All data is held in paper format and stored as required by the Data Protection laws. We do not store any details electronically on this Web site, nor do we place any cookies on your computer. When this policy changes, we will amend these terms and conditions.

The Charity will not pass your details to any other organisation or group, except those directly associated with our trips, such as BA and the NSCD. Your details remain secure and private.

All families are asked to sign a form which allows us to use any photos and media from the Ski Trips for future publicity. The photos on this Web site, in our annual newsletters and in our presentations have all been taken from our trips over the last few years. Permission has been given by each family to use this material. If, for any reason, you are uncomfortable with using any media from our trips, please do not sign the waiver, or contact us and discuss a change to your waiver that you may have signed in the past. We respect your privacy and do not wish to print anything without your permissions. Return to Top


This site has been designed with reference to the World Wide Web Consortium (w3c) Accessibility guidelines. The Web Accessibility Initiative is a scheme which provides some rules and guidelines for Web design that makes a site accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. These initiatives include facilities for screen readers, page organisation, use of graphics and images, multimedia etc. It is not possible to include every technology at the very first draft of a Web Design and it is possible that some features may not fully work. If this is the case, please contact us and let us know what doesn't work and we will try to add facilities in the future to improve accessibility. At the same time, we are continuously striving to make all our facilities as accessible as possible and we will be adding new features constantly.Return to Top