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This section is where the provides all the advice, information, forms and details that any Volunteer wanting to be a part of one of our trips would need.

We ask that you browse the site, learn all about what we do and look at the FAQs to answer any of your questions. If you wish to register as a Volunteer on one of our trips follow the advice on the registration page. Once we have the required details, we will consider your application and then ask you to fill out all the forms and provide all the details you need, but you will have recieved guidance and advice from us before then.

As a summary, though, we are looking for people who have:

  • a naturally warm, empathetic, helpful and positive attitude
  • previous experience of dealing with teenagers - e.g. from parenting or involvement with youth groups
  • enthusiasm for skiing [or at least for the "big outdoors"] but N.B. not someone who looks upon the trip as a skiing holiday
  • a willingness to commit to attending meetings - i.e. pre-trip briefing and one or two other events, such as the summer barbecue

We would also like ideally:

  • some previous exposure to disabled people
  • a willingness to get involved in some aspects of fund raising
  • a willingness to get involved in publicity