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needs about 16 volunteers each year to be able to look after our Young People. We take approx 12 or 13 YPs every year and this includes 2 or 3 in wheelchairs. Our kids are between 12 and 18 years old and our volunteers are between 18 and old!! We are, therefore, a group of about 30 people in total.

Liz learning to board

As a volunteer, you will be assigned a YP to care for throughout the trip. If you are looking after one of our YPs in a wheelchair, you will be paired with another volunteer to ease / share the workload. You will be expected to meet with the other volunteers at a staff training day, by which time you must have a CRB clearance. You will also be expected to meet with your assigned YP before the trip, both at a group meeting and also on a personal visit to the house. This is essential so that you get to know your YP and family, but also to learn all about their disabilities, needs and problems before we get on the trip!

We are looking for keen, enthusiastic people with a sense of humour, the ability to care for young people and work as part of a team. No experience is necessary, we have trained volunteers and regular helpers so you will be well looked after yourself! However, you will be at an advantage if you have experience of working with teenagers or disabled people.

We ask that you raise some money for the charity when you join us too. Our volunteers all bring at least 500 of personal sponsorship or funding and how you raise this is entirely up to you - see our fundraising pages for ideas if you have none of your own.

We are a National Charity so it doesn't matter where you live. Our YPs come from all over the country and we encourage you to join us no matter where you live. Maybe you know of some kids in your area who would suit this charity. We always try to pair you up with YPs from your own area or as close as we can manage, to make things as easy as possible!

If you think you fit the profile and wish to be considered for our trips, please follow the instructions on the Registration Page and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to use our Contact details to get in touch.

Who || Where || When || With What